The strategic plan is a tool that provides staff guidance in fulfilling ComServ Inc. 's mission with efficiency and impact.  Listed below are 9 strategic goals developed for 2010 - 2015. A comprehensive copy of the plan outlining the goals, objectives and strategies can be obtained by calling 828-757-0209.

  1. The leadership of ComServ, Inc.
    • Defines roles of each position
    • Promotes the mission, vision, philosophy and values
    • Promotes the achievement of corporate, programs and individual outcomes
  2. ComServ will use Evidence Based and Best Practice in service development and service delivery.
  3. ComServ utilizes input from internal and external stakeholder to help guide business practices and service provision.
  4. ComServ will have identified processes to ensure ongoing performance improvement in business practices and service delivery.
  5. ComServ will become CARF Accredited in all identified services.
  6. ComServ will remain financially solvent.
  7. ComServ will continue to improve the management of service records.
  8. ComServ will maintain, improve and add facilities and equipment to meet the needs of the persons served and organization.
  9. ComServ will continue to meet and/or exceed all regulatory requirements.