Mission Statement

ComServ, Inc. enhances the lives of persons with disabilities, and their families, by expanding opportunities of maximum growth, independence, and promoting self-determination in inclusive environments.



ComServ, Inc. will be the first choice provider of services for persons with disabilities in the areas that we operate. ComServ, Inc. will maximize resources to provide quality services. Services will be inclusive of various residential opportunities, day activity programs, supported employment, and other community based options. Services will be developed and operated based on current and anticipated needs of culturally diverse persons with disabilities and of the community. ComServ will only use what is considered best practice in service provision. Services will be of the highest quality and delivered in the most cost effective and ethical manner. We will strive to employ and retain quality staff that have been well trained and who will be compensated at a competitive rate.



The underlying philosophy and belief in providing services at ComServ, Inc. is that people with disabilities have the right to live and thrive in a culturally diverse community and should be afforded the same opportunities as the individuals who do not have disabilities. Furthermore, an integral part of ComServ, Inc. is that citizens with disabilities can learn to live to their fullest capabilities if they are:

  • Given individual choices through self-determination.
  • Supported by natural relationships.
  • Fully experiencing life by residing in the least restrictive environment and participating in the richness of diversity and cultural experiences available in the community.
  • Provided with a diverse staff that are supportive and who have effective relationships with other staff and support team members-especially those most significant to that individual.

Our philosophy is to provide person-centered services based on choice. It is our goal to assist individuals in having a quality of life that is no less than our own.



We believe in ...

  • The inherent worth of all people.
  • Promoting independence for individuals through education and self-determination.
  • Promoting self-reliance and self-actualization.
  • People living and working in community and achieving real life outcomes.
  • Continuous quality improvement.
  • Freedom from discrimination.
  • Person-centered-planning that is reflective of life wishes.
  • Diversity of opinion and the freedom of expression through individual ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Providing direct support staff the tools, education and support in a positive environment to promote opportunities of maximum growth and in order to retain exceptional staff resulting in additional stability for people served.